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LIDE - Laser Induced Deep Etching

LIDE enables your innovation

The LIDE process - Laser Induced Deep Etching enables fast, precise, and defect-free micro structuring of glass. LIDE represents a new basic technology for the area of microsystems technology.
With LIDE, structures with aspect ratios in the range of 1:10 –1:50 can now be produced in thin glass at a previously unobtainable quality, processing speed and, therefore, cost, making it a highly economical solution for very high-volume industries.

Defect-free result

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"Innovate with precision using LPKF Vitrion systems and LIDE technology - Where ideas take shape!"

The LPKF Vitrion systems are designed according to the needs of your industry and meets all the requirements for cleanliness, safety, and automation. Our systems come with the ability to perform the full spectrum of functionality and work packages required to use the LIDE technology to its full potential. This ability allows targeting different applications in your products with unmatched accuracy, quality and cost efficiency.


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Unmatched accuracy, quality,
and cost efficiency

LIDE up your innovation with our Vitrion systems

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LIDE - Laser Induced Deep Etching

Unlock the advantages of glass for your innovation

With LPKF's newest Technology LIDE you can unlock the power and advantages of glass for your applications. Our Laser Induced Deep Etching Technology offers you a simple, fast, and precise process to handle glass like you never did before.

Glass as an engineering material

Glass has some interesting material properties:

  • High-temperature and chemical stability
  • High strength/weight ratio
  • Homogeneous isotropic material
  • Tunable coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)
  • Excellent electrical insulator
  • Excellent RF properties

That is why glass is a uniquely interesting material for various applications in semiconductor manufacturing such as interposer with various advantages over silicon-based ones, semiconductor packaging applications such as for MEMS, and many others.
Besides its unique material properties, the commercial availability of glass in a high variety and high quality for comparably low cost, make it a preferred candidate material for matching cost and supply line requirements of the industry.

LIDE - Laser Induced Deep Etching

With LIDE, structures with aspect ratios in the range of 1:10 –1:50 can now be produced in thin glass at a previously unobtainable quality, processing speed and, therefore, cost, making it a highly economical solution with high throughput capabilities.

In the first step, the glass is patterned by a single laser pulse. This is done in a direct-write manner without lithography and without removing any glass at this stage, according to the desired layout. In the second process step, while the entire glass surface is wet etched isotropically in a batch process, the laser-modified regions of the glass are removed at a much faster rate than the unmodified ones. In this way, microstructures are created with very high precision and accuracy, completely free of defects, in a highly cost-effective manner.
With LIDE, a wide variety of structures such as through-holes (or through glass vias, TGV) or blind holes, cut-outs, cavities, grooves, and other features, can be introduced into the glass substrate within the same process step.

Chose the LIDE machine for your Industry

Application Examples enabled by LIDE technology

Throug Glass Vias - TGV's

Reliable interconnects through glass made with LIDE are free of all the downsides of conventional laser drilling like micro cracks, chipping, and thermal stress.

Open and closed cavities

LIDE technology can create both open and closed cavities in any shape and dimension with high precision. Cavity bonding and TGV fabrication are also possible due to clean edges and accurate design. The technology allows for space-efficient packaging design with a minimum edge radius of 5 μm and perfect alignment, resulting in previously impossible high yields during packaging.

Heterogeneous integration

LIDE enables glass to become a new platform for Advanced Packaging applications. Glass offers the possibility to drastically reduce the cost of interposers.

Dicing before grinding

LIDE technology provides precise control in creating high aspect-ratio dice lines, ensuring perfect alignment of the package. Smooth sidewalls and defect-free structures result in high yields in downstream processes. The technology also enables electrical connection to the cavity of the package, making it ideal for creating TGVs or other features in the same structure.

Foldable display cover glass

LIDE enables you to perform different requirements at the same time. For foldable display cover glasses, LIDE gives you the freedom to have great toughness and high flexibility at once.

Cover glass

The design freedom of the LIDE technology can be used to create 2D, 2.5D, 3D, and even more dimensional edges for cover glass. LIDE edges are free of chipping and micro cracks, which increases the break strength and yield of your production.


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